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got all my copic markers in here bruh

got all my copic markers in here bruh

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Cam’ron’s use-free style-full ebola hysteria inspired mask

Cam’ron’s use-free style-full ebola hysteria inspired mask

by eric roth


while one could read this as a corrective gesture, akin to a ceramics class where all newly-fired pieces are placed on the edge of the work table at the beginning of the class, and as the teacher walks by, they are systematically knocked off the table with a cane…emotionless but still devastating

I’d like to connect it to the theatre of cruelty, interactivity, and a possibly cynical take on collaboration

did Iggy Azalea mark the official end of PU$$Y??

“The pu**y is old hat.”

That was one of the first statements that bell hooks made during the panel, “Whose Booty Is This?” at the New School in New York. hooks and the women on the panel (including Anna Czarnik-Neimeyer, Lynnee Denise and Stephanie Troutman) spoke about the new obsession in the media with booty, and female sexuality in pop culture as a whole.

“One of the reasons we’ve moved from the pu**y to the butt–the ass, the booty–is that it flips that so that it’s no longer about who has rights in the female body, but who has access to the female body.”

The panel spoke openly about women in media today and the craze over the butt. Nowadays, many notable women willingly expose their assets to the world to show that they are sexually liberated. But hooks questions if that’s the case. Beyoncé was a big topic in this discussion and throughout a majority of the panel.

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I ain’t forgot about ya, lil one

I ain’t forgot about ya, lil one



'hard edge abstraction'

'hard edge abstraction'

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concept album, exhibition/performance/lecture

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** just a few things…

2014 this is rap to get you hyped in the studio, the cubicle, the lab, the dungeon--where the magic happens, even though magic ain't real. the mayans were right, ho. AWRS; GAWS

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