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Lucy Lippard on How to Be an Art Critic


Lucy Lippard on How to Be an Art Critic

Lucy Lippard in 1976. For thirty years she has worked with artists’ groups such as the Artworkers’ Coalition, Ad Hoc Women Artists’, Artists Meeting for Cultural Change, The Alliance for Cultural Democracy (co-editor of “How to 93” in the Campaign for a Post-Columbian World), and WAC (Women’s Action Coalition).

Lucy Lippard in 1976. Alongside her writing and curating, Lippard’s a well-known activist, participating with the Art Workers’ Coalition and the WAC (Women’s Action Coalition), among others.

For the best straight talk on art criticism, look back 50 years. In her 1966 essay “After a Fashion: The Group Show,” art critic and curator Lucy Lippard wrote an unintentional manifesto on what makes a good…

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nerf dart + peephole
(fit found by Kirk)


nerf dart + peephole

(fit found by Kirk)



(Source: nevver, via nyro)

(Source: nevver, via nyro)


Naomi Campbell, D&G S/S 1992


Naomi Campbell, D&G S/S 1992

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Ian Svenonious was right
from “Seinfeld Syndrome” and “Psychic Soviet”

"Seinfeld’s characters, each more loathsome than the last, indulge in a selfishness unimaginable in the suburban milieus of their televised predecessors. Due to the anonymity that the city provides, there is no culpability for their actions. The program’s conspiratorial tone of intimate confidentiality stems from its function as proxy mouthpiece for the ruling class through which to speak to its bourgeois counterparts.

The lack of an overt “message” in Seinfeld reflects capitalism’s code: individualism and self-interestreign supreme. In one episode, when Jerryruminates over a “black and white” cookie, hespoofs a message of racial harmony. “Look to the cookie,” he says; ironically, the black and whitecookie depicts a segregated world, as opposed tofudge swirl ice cream, for example.”



All 11 cars of an entire train on the No. 7  line will be fully wrapped on both interior and exterior, transforming it into the show’s  Monk’s Café, complete with Jerry, Elaine, George and Kramer in their preferred hangout.

ugh everything happens after i leave NYC

Of course I also find this interesting because of the recuperation of what was seen as a blight on the city (images applied to the interior and exterior surfaces of the trains) as a spectacular and desirable display. The fact that people would like to inhabit an advertisement, if only for a moment…well that’s a whole ‘nother story.

Kill the insides.

End to End Burner.
Whole Cars.

pretty salty to have missed this conference

those moments when you’re like

damn i was thinking about all of these things

but i wouldn’t have done it like this

this is dope


Ceal Floyer - Taking a Line for a Walk , 2008

line making machine and water-based marking paint on floor

width of line: 12 cm, length: variable

kill the insides

2014 this is rap to get you hyped in the studio, the cubicle, the lab, the dungeon--where the magic happens, even though magic ain't real. the mayans were right, ho. AWRS; GAWS

Ask away

I ain't got no

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