Studio Workout

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"the lethal weapon is the mind"

united colors of bitchaton- not your bitch

Sarah Cromarty, Roxy Farhat & DRE feat. Eden Batki

Camera: Mariah Garnett
Dom: Kim Ye
Sound mixing/Mastering: Jimena Sarno

all killer no filler



Hiphop don’t stop

yes T-Pain

shouts to Nick Faust for the inspiration

Seattle’s Own Sir Mix A Lot

getting slightly gawsy with this performance at the Seattle Orchestra

"Baby got back"

people look so happy

bang bang

bang bang

» Maya Angelou: "Modesty will fall off faster than a G-string will fall off a stripper."

it reminds me of the performance contract Van Halen had where they demanded all the brown m&ms be put in a separate bowl, except that it’s not as dumb and it’s not Van Halen. Gawsy-divadom

2014 this is rap to get you hyped in the studio, the cubicle, the lab, the dungeon--where the magic happens, even though magic ain't real. the mayans were right, ho. AWRS; GAWS

Ask away

I ain't got no

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