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When I see that good booty



When I see that good booty

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WTF Is Street Art Anyway?
Brilliant wordplay buff on a billboard near The High Line in Chelsea.More photos: Street Art, Ad Takeovers, Billboard Graffiti


WTF Is Street Art Anyway?

Brilliant wordplay buff on a billboard near The High Line in Chelsea.
More photos: Street Art, Ad Takeovers, Billboard Graffiti

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Victims of sexual assault expect privacy. But 16-year-old Jada was violated all over again once explicit images from her rape surfaced on Twitter. So Jada decided to take her story public.

“There’s no point in hiding,” the Houston teen tells KHOU. “Everybody has already seen my face and my body, but that’s not what I am and who I am.”

I’m sharing this because certain people on twitter  NEEDS TO BE STOP! Specially the ignorant side of black twitter! Every time something bad happen to a young black women or black girl twitter is quickly to explode it into something bigger! And Jada story is one of them! She’s a 16 yearls high school student she could be your sister,cousin, neighbor, or classmate! This tragic thing happened to her and these ignorant people on twitter looking for followers exploit this to point where the disgusting hashtag was created #jadapose. People tweeting pictures of themselves in the pose in which Jada was found! What I find even worse about this its that a lot of the people doing these poses are young black men and women. Something like this happen to someone who could possibly be your sister and instead of asking for justice you rather create a new meme? And some of them even argue “oh how do you know she got rape?” Does it matter? a picture of an underage girl laying on the floor looking like she’s passed out is not something be laughed at EVER! Like ”A rape victim’s trauma is not grounds for a new internet meme. Pls do not partake in such ignorance. Report pictures.”

I’m happy and proud of Jada for speaking and not letting this disgusting thing becoming any bigger

Which brings me to what I’m trying to ask or say here when will sexual assault towards black girls and young black women will be taking serious by young black people?

i truly don’t understand what kind of world we live in.

First Trayvoning, now this? There’s a seriously lack of ability to process tragedy going on

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grab ya glocks

Alex Bienstock
Devin Kenny
Sandy Kim
Abby Lloyd
Moris (Israel Meza Moreno)
Justin Samson
Lactic (Randi Shandroski)

curated by Victoria Duffee
Opening Reception: Thursday, July 10th, 2014 6-8pm
Exhibition Dates: July 10th – August 1st, 2014

The Kravets/Wehby Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of F__K__U, a group exhibition curated by Victoria Duffee, featuring the work of Alex Bienstock, Devin Kenny, Sandy Kim, Abby Lloyd, Moris (Israel Meza Moreno), Justin Samson and Lactic (Randi Shandroski). The show will open on Thursday, July 10th and run through August 1st, 2014.

The exhibition’s title echoes Tupac’s last words
recalled by a police officer in a recent Buzzfeed
article. Each artist’s work in this exhibition focuses on abstracted text and master signifiers assigned to popular icons, historical incidents and trends. When Tupac said “Fuck You” it took on a more ethereal and true sound… Was Tupac just saying “Fuck You” to the cop asking “Who shot you?” or was it a bigger statement? Should we ask his hologram?

Focusing on our changing relationship to text due to the information mega-stream of the internet, the participating artists create work that relates to how language is used, manipulated, satirized and omitted. Photo based non-narratives like scrolling through Facebook, sarcastic layering of corporate imagery and slogans, complicated authorship, and familiar statements mixed with ubiquitous symbols of identity such as Infinite tie dye, spikes, and rubber.

While using visual puns, cryptic language, made up correspondence, and every day phrases each artist has a distinct approach and sensibility while sharing a similar kind of attitude.

smokin’ on that loud

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gooniest goon


I just explained I got shooters bruh, you mean to tell me I can’t dance
with my hips?

RIP DJ Screw

Rest In Peace to all those who passed away fighting for or having never experienced freedom

2014 this is rap to get you hyped in the studio, the cubicle, the lab, the dungeon--where the magic happens, even though magic ain't real. the mayans were right, ho. AWRS; GAWS

Ask away

I ain't got no

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